Waste Treatment

In accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Regulations, all process effluent is continuously monitored and treated to remove contaminants prior to discharge into the municipal sewer system.  A sophisticated waste treatment system removes the impurities and the resultant by-products are accumulated, minimized, and routed to appropriate EPA permitted reclamation or recycling facilities. PECO reclaims or recycles 100% of all process waste by products, thereby eliminating the necessity for hazardous waste disposal and the potential liability associated with hazardous waste disposal sites.

Our firm is committed to a clean environment and as such, we strive for total compliance with all EPA , RCRA, and Community Right-toknow legislation. We constantly seek new technologies and applications to ensure our firm’s stature as a metal finishing facility that our customers can utilize with confidence, assured that we are and will be in compliance with the law!

In keeping with our dedication to environmental awareness and concerns, we are working earnestly to implement technology which will allow us to substantially reduce process effluent and ultimately enable us to “close-loop” our facility eventually this will totally eliminate any effluent discharge from our facility!