About Us

Process Engineering Company, Inc., (PECO) has experienced steady growth while offering a diverse array of metal finishing services to our customers. Superior quality, service, and dependability are the criteria the craftsman and technicians at PECO strive to achieve to enhance customer satisfaction. Our “family” of personnel share our commitment for excellence and recognize that quality, service and dependability are the cornerstone of our continued success.

Our dedication to excellence in mass production plating as well as special and unique operations that are included in our capabilities. The greatest asset a service company can have is a dedicated group of people who genuinely care about the welfare of their customers and who exhibit the attitudes and disciplines necessary to ensure the customers’ success and ultimately, our success here at PECO. We are proud to convey to you that our employees are our greatest asset and everyone at PECO is committed to your success.

Skilled craftsmanship, proven finishing techniques, and modern processing equipment and modern processing finishing capabilities, while maintaining the high level of expertise and personal attention to details required on critical, close tolerance applications.

Our facilities are comprised of approximately 65,000 square feet situated on 8 acres of land. Utilizing state of the art equipment, we endeavor to produce consistent, high quality finishing services on a full complement of processes.  Realizing that customer orders must be processed quickly, PECO has established a reputation for excellent quality work performed in minimal time.